Opera Bridge

09 August 2011

Fabric Structures' (FSS) canopy over the Town Basin crossing formerly colloquially known as "the bridge to nowhere".

And which I propose should be nick-named The Town Basin Opera Bridge, given its design lines are not dissimilar to the Sydney Opera House.

The canopy is also a wonderful home-town example of the talents of FSS, who are responsible for the Rugby World Cup's giant rugby ball, a huge rubber duck that recently floated on Auckland's waterfront, and The Cloud - the structure that will embrace thousands of visitors to Auckland during the World Cup.

If we're going to call it the Opera Bridge, perhaps an annual opera performance from the bridge is in order?

Driving or walking past the bridge, the canopy draws in the eye, and will have a magnetic pull for visitors and locals.

It's awesome, congratulations to the district council and everyone involved with its creation and location.