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Serge Ferrari Textiles

Ferrari textiles

Serge Ferrari are industry leaders in architectural fabrics. Their exciting and innovative product range and focus on quality means they are a truly international provider of fabrics in over 80 countries.

Fabric Structures are pleased to be working with Serge Ferrari to produce fabric structures of exceptional quality, durability and beauty.


Serge Ferrari


SEFAR Architecture

SEFAR architectural fabrics

SEFAR Architectural Fabrics are recognised for their innovative processes and materials that contribute to a product of outstanding quality.

SEFAR have developed a process that has allowed then to produce a completely new generation of fabrics. The process treats precision-woven fabrics with special finishing & coating techniques, which give them incredible acoustic & light translucent properties.

Fabric Structures are pleased to be a provider of these quality fabrics.


SEFAR architectural fabrics