Pou Manawa – The Tree

Pou Manawa is the heart of the new retail centre at Auckland International Airport, it stands proud where people gather, coming and going from their journeys around the world.

Project Details

Client: Auckland International Airport
Fabric Type: Sefar EL-65-TO
Function: Architectual
Scope of Work: Concept Development, Design & Build
Location: Auckland International Airport, Auckland, NZ
Size: 28m x 21.6m
Completion: 1st December 2010


The Story of Pou Manawa

Fabric Structures were approached with a brief to develop the significant sculptural piece for the Auckland International Airport’s retail departures area – which became Pou Manawa. FSS then brought on board lighting & production specialist Logan Brewer, Kenderdine Electrical & Wade Engineers to bring the project to fruition.

Pou Manawa takes the form of a sculptural tree, crafted from Sefar PTFE fabric, & tensioned into place, creating a continuous light translucent surface, which is rear projected with Martin SmartMac projectors & LED RGB Stage Bars, to bring the Tree to life, with various natural & traditional Maori themes.

The Tree form is achieved by tensioning a patterned Sefar membrane between a massive perimeter truss ring frame suspended from the buildings roof structure & a sculptural trunk base. The independent structural elements enabled a clear uninterrupted surface to be created for projection.

Special consideration had to be given to the placement & quantity of projectors & LED lights to achieve the continuous 360 degree projection.