Auckland Fish Market

The Auckland Fish Market in New Zealand is a fresh food market and collection of restaurants that share an al fresco dining area. To maximize the profit potential of the 2011 Rugby World Cup, the outdoor dining area needed to be weatherproofed. Structurflex designed, engineered, fabricated and installed a single-layer ETFE canopy that borrows structural support from adjacent structures. This allowed for the canopy to be completed in a short timeframe, despite difficult ground conditions. The design concepts were presented to the client as a 3D animation, which helped the client have a clear picture of how the lightweight courtyard cover would look and perform. Installation prep included adding extra weight to the foundation pedestals to achieve a larger bearing surface and negate any uplift caused by wind pressure. The lightweight, single-skin, cable-supported ETFE foil canopy has proven to be the ideal cover for a previously inclement courtyard, and was an economical alternative to a glass structure, installed for approximately 45% less the cost.