Hagley Cricket Pavilion

Five bay floating canopy is structurally supported by columns, gutter arm beams and tensions cables. An additional internal 2 bay liner provides the ceiling for the main function space.

Project Details

Client: Canterbury Cricket Trust
Fabric Type: PVC
Design Style: Conical
Function: Sport facility
Scope of Work: The detailed design, engineering, manufacture, supply and installation of The Fabric Roof Structure comprising structural steelwork and fabric membranes.
Location: Hagley Park – Christchurch – New Zealand
Size: 65M x 25M – 5 bay roof conical structure (TX30): 5 x 350sqm = 1750sqm (surface) – 2 bay liner conical structure (802): 2 x 210sqm = 420sqm (surface) – Main mast column height: 15.2m (above ground) – Bail ring height: 12.2m (above ground) – Fabric conical
Completion: 16th August 2014