Naenae Bowling Club

Naenae Bowling Club was designed to be a multi-purpose site that could accommodate multiple uses from lawn bowls to concerts and other community events.

To make this a reality, we fabricated and installed a 27,000 square foot tensile membrane structure that incorporates a four-arch support system and a fabric structure that provides a clear span covering two artificial bowling greens. To minimize consumption of heating, ventilation, and lighting resources, we created a fabric shape with a central ring that allows heat to rise and escape. When the large glazed doors are opened, a natural draft is created which significantly cools the bowling green area. The tilt-up slab walls and large concrete apron absorb sunlight during the day, providing for re-radiated heating in the cool winter evenings. Highly translucent fabric allows for natural light to evenly illuminate the bowling green during the day, reducing the need for artificial lighting.

Because of the project’s site conditions, the tension membrane structure is designed to accommodate significant lateral displacement under seismic conditions. Through a complex fabrication process, we incorporated a herringbone pattern into the tensile membrane, adding visual interest.
Engineer: Dunning Thornton Consultants