Old Boys Collegians Cricket Club – Christchurch

Our instruction was to provide a floating conical design over glazing on the Club’s new clubrooms. To provide shelter, shade and a quiet pleasant internal environment.  The structure was to appear floating by using single central column with cantilevered edge beams all supported by stainless steel cables.

The cables needed to be prestressed before installation and after installation to lock in the structure so temporary supports could be removed.  The prestressed cables needed to be continuously monitored during the installation period.

The result was the club rooms achieved a high end architectural appearance with a bright, warm and welcoming club room that was very pleasant with the acoustic liner.

Old Boys Collegians Cricket Club presented many visual challenges set out by the architects.  These were met with a unique conical design that exceeded expectations.  The creative design gives a new architectural look to an old long standing cricket club.  The clubrooms have a warm, bright and pleasant environment for young and old alike.