Goodman Canopy

The purpose of the Canopy was to provide people with shelter outside the building Cafe. The Canopy will provide the required Sun, Rain and Wind shelter required in the buildings location. The client wanted a Canopy that made a statement and added Aesthetic value to the existing building.

The Project timeframe was very short with limited information provided by the client. In the timeframe we needed to assess the ground and existing building conditions.
The end result has been very pleasing and effective. The Canopy looks great and provides the shelter the client and tenants were after. The exterior environment that has been created is a significant on what was there previously.
The brief was to design and build a Canopy that made a statement and added aesthetic value to the existing building. The Canopy had to enhance the visitors experience and provide the much needed Sun, Rain and Wind shelter. The timeframe to complete the Project was tight with limited information provided. However the team worked well to overcome various issues and design and deliver an elegant Canopy that has exceeded the clients expectations.