Whakatane Pool

Whakatane Pool

Client:                           Whakatane City Council
Project:                         Completed May 2021
Approximate Size:      18.5mtrs x 40 mtrs
Project Location:        Whakatane Aquatic Centre
Function:                      Swimming Pool Complex
1. Type and Grade of Fabric Used –
a. Serge Ferrari PVC – 832 Roof
b. Serge Ferrari 402 Translucent – Liner
c. Mehler – FR 700 for side curtains

2. Fabric Manufacturer – Serge Ferrari – France & Mehler – Germany

3. Fabric Supplier -Serge Ferrari – France & Mehler – Germany


1. Design:                         Fabric Structures
2. Engineering:               Xiang Du – Fabspan
3. Fabrication:                Vaughan Bownes, Fabric Structures / Palmer Canvas.
4. Project Manager:       Kayne Jacobson
5. Steelwork:                   MacWeld Ltd, Auckland
6. Installation:                MacWeld for Steel and Fabric Structures for fabric

Scope of Work:
Detailed design, engineering, manufacture, supply and installation of Fabric Roof with internal liner and side curtains comprising of structural steelwork and fabric membranes to achieve a fully enclosed swimming pool complex.


This is a barrel vault structure comprising of 4 Bays constructed together to form the outer roof.
The liner of Translucent 402 was to provide as an extra layer for thermal heat retention and also the protection of the steelwork against chemical reaction.
The Mehler custom made walls for the complex where designed so that when closed assists with thermal retention, a reduction in power costs and extended the length of time the pool was open in the winter.