Te Hiku Sports Hub – Kaitaia

Innovation Award from OPANZ 2023

Approximate Size           2500 Sq metres

Fabric – Outer                 Serge Ferrari PVC 902s

Fabric – Inner                  Serge Ferrari PVC 402N

Fabric Supplier               Serge Ferrari

Insulation                          Autex


The Client’s brief was to supply two insulated fabric structure enclosures such that the facilities within could be used by the community all year round.


The first being a 16.5m x 75m long snaking enclosure holding a gym and administration office.

The second a 27m x 75m enclosure holding a 25m pool, with two additional learn to swim pools, changing rooms and an entrance lobby joining the two buildings together.
The two enclosures would be used by multiple clubs to create a local community sports hub.

This project won the OFPANZ 2023 Innovation Award, as considerable R&D within our factory to work out a way to fix the insulation between two PVC membranes, being the outer and liner roofs.

The insulation requirement created unique challenges during design/engineering (factoring in the insulation for patterning as well as the additional loads) then in the factory (when manufacturing the liner membranes)as well as onsite, working out anew installation methodology that allowed the insultation panels to be suspended in the air before the liner membrane was lifted into place, before the temporary bracing holding up the insulation was removed while the liner was simultaneously tensioned into design.